Sheet Materials


Price from: £45.40 per sheet (£54.48 inc. VAT)
Replacement Vybak type, flexible window sheeting for sewing into rear window of folding hood etc, pliable and durable, approx 0.75mm thick, full sheet size 1370mm x 610mm approx which we offer in...
Price from: £48.70 sheet (£58.44 inc. VAT)
Replacement Cobex type semi rigid window sheeting, PVC vinyl for sidescreens. approx 0.80mm thick, sheet size 1200mm x 620mm.
this sheet will roll into a large tube for carriage.

a full...
Price from: £34.74 each (£41.69 inc. VAT)
Millboard, a flexible compressed card for trim panels etc. One side lightly embossed grain black, will fit the tightest curves, 2mm thick. Sheet size 1560mm x 1240mm. Cellulose paint can be used...
Price from: £40.24 each (£48.29 inc. VAT)
Wadding, 28oz padding in bundles approx. 20 metres long by 450mm wide.
Price from: £6.33 metre (£7.60 inc. VAT)
calico (lining material), 1370mm wide, natural unbleached colour.
Price from: £32.67 each (£39.20 inc. VAT)
rubberised hair mix sheet, approx 1850mm x 900m x 25mm thick, synthetic seat fill, easy to work with.
Prices shown include VAT @ 20% where applicable