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Andre Hartford Shock Absorbers

Andre Hartford Shock Absorber Help

These proven shock absorbers are made up to customer's requirements, with either equal length or odd length arms.
Please measure from the centre of the shock absorber to the centre of the mounting bolt to the nearest 0.5" (12.7mm). Supplied fitted with silent-bloc bushes in arms.
We keep some pairs of equal length units in stock which are available for immediate delivery, Otherwise please allow six to eight weeks for despatch. The makers will surcharge for unequal arm units and some specials.
As a guide the centre axis of the arm action is normally horizontal, thus on equal lengths arm units the mounting bolts are vertically above each other. the normal 'at rest' angle between the arms in this format is approximately 70 degrees.
Setting the torque on the friction centre nut/bolt is more by trial and error. however we are able to suggest initial torque settings of:
502S - 16 to 19lbs for vehicle weight 600kg to 1000kg,
506S - 23lbs for vehicle weight over 1000kg,
502M - 16 to 19 lbs for vehicle weight 1250kg to 1500kg,
506M - 23lbs for vehicle weight 2000kg.
Set the pair of units to the same torque, then take the vehicle for a run and make adjustments (the same to both units) to either tighten or slacken the unit to suit the ride required.
Tele-control units operate in the same way but have pressure bags which enable adjustments to ride to be made from the vehicle cockpit. the fluid used is a mixture of 30% glycerine and 70% water.