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Boyce Motormeters - Boyce motometer, small

Boyce motometer, small

Small, gold colour face motormeter (temperature meter) to fit in to radiator cap, 60mm approx diameter. Requires 11mm hole in cap for fitting. The temperature sender bulb is approx 38mm long. It is not essential for this sensor to be immersed in the water, as it the gauge functions correctly in the warmed vapour above the radiator coolant. Please note that the glass thermometer is angled for best sight from the left hand side of vehicle.

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Fitting instructions

Boyce Moto-Meter Reset

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From period Boyce instructions:

Frequently during shipment or when the instrument is laid upside down, the red liquid will be driven from the bulb into the tube so as to partly and sometimes completely fill the tube. There is no way to prevent this, except by careful handling on the part of carriers which we cannot control. If this should happen, do not think the instrument is out of order, for by carrying out the following instructions with a little patience, the BOYCE MOTO-METER when received in this condition will be restored to perfect working order. Hold the BOYCE MOTO-METER firmly, bulb downward, and swing violently, as hard as possible, as if throwing a ball to the ground.

Repeat until the fluid gathers. When once the fluid has gathered it will never separate again unless the instrument is left upside down.

Never install the instrument on any car until the column registers near the point marked “cool motor” when it is ready for use.