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Cotton Braided Cable - Cotton Braided Automotive Wire Cable - 16 amp

Cotton Braided Automotive Wire Cable - 16 amp

Cotton fabric braided single cable for car wiring - low lacquer, 28/0.30mm cable, (2.0 mm sq). 16 amp capacity multi-strand copper cable with a modern PVC insulation layer under the cotton braiding. Approx 3.80mm outer diameter. Stocked in a wide choice of colours - from the basic plain colours red, black, blue, green, brown, purple, white and yellow etc to base colours with trace colour choice as required. For special colour orders there is a minimum order quantity of 10 metres. We also offer assorted packs of cables - please note that you cannot select specific colours for these. Full 30-metre rolls are available at a reduced price - please select colour choice. When selecting colours - the first colour is the base colour and the second is the trace colour if required See Specifications below for a colour chart and some sample images of available cotton braided cables.

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Braided Cotton Cable Colour Chart & Samples

PDF Chart to show the approximate colour options. For planning and guidance only. Colours on cables will differ from chart.


Braided Cotton Cables Sample Colours

A few samples of the colour range in 8amp and 16amp sizes of Braided cables