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LED Headlamps - White premium 12 & 24V LED Headlamp - BPF DC P36D base

White premium 12 & 24V LED Headlamp - BPF DC P36D base

High quality 16 x Cree 2525 (with heatsink) LED upgrade for British Pre-focus headlamp applications with the P36D base. Flexible application - suitable for 12 or 24V vehicles and compatible with either negative or positive earth systems. High and low beam - 1800 Lumen high beam, 1200 Lumen low beam.

One row of LEDs lights up on each side of the bulb for low beam and both rows of LEDs lights up on both sides for high beam, replicating original, unshielded, twin filament bulbs such as B301 type bulbs. Very low current draw - over 75% less than incandescent and halogen bulbs so great for low powered electrical systems (800mA at 12V, 1.6A at 6V). 4300K bright, white colour temperature.

This bulb is a good LED upgrade alternative to a large number of 12 and 24V bulbs including B301, B404, B332, B354, B350, B358 and B359. In testing this bulb was comparable with 40/45W incandescent bulbs. It is not a suitable alternative to B370, B414B and B437 as they have shielded filaments - the LED upgrade option for these bulbs is P36DLED-P43. Made from aviation grade aluminium.

These bulbs don't have an integral lens so can be used in tripod type lamps. 59mm total bulb height. 12 x 25mm LED section. P36D cap 22mm diameter with 36mm diameter plate.

Two designs shown in photos, either design maybe supplied depending on available stock.

Base Volts Watts/Amps Element Colour Application
BPF DC P36D 12, 24 LED White Headlamp
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