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Fuel Additives - Castrol Classic Valve Master PLUS - 250ML

Castrol Classic Valve Master PLUS - 250ML

Castrol Classic Valvemaster Plus with its unique phosphorus formula provides the ultimate protection against valve seat recession. Vavemaster Plus contains Octimise-Plus friction modifier for increased acceleration and economy, increasing acceleration by up to 3% and increasing economy by up to 2%. It also contains Etha-Guard ethanol stabiliser, enabling the use of Ethanol E5 and E10 petrol, preventing acidity, protecting against corrosion and keeping the fuel system clean. Endorsed by the FBHVC, Valvemaster™ Plus with a unique phosphorus formulation was shown to offer the highest level of protection of all products tested.

Valvemaster Plus can be used with 95, 97, 98, 99 or higher octane rated petrol containing E5 or E10 ethanol. The best protection after lead against valve seat recession Increases fuel economy by up to 2% Protects your engine under all driving conditions Keeps fuel systems clean Protects against corrosion Increases acceleration by up to 3% Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus provide the best protection against valve seat recession after lead, while keeping the fuel system clean and providing excellent corrosion protection.

Both Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus contain Etha-Guard, an ethanol stabiliser to protect the fuel system against the corrosive effects of ethanol contained in fuel. Etha-Guard is effective in both E5 and E10 petrol, preventing acidity and corrosion, thereby protecting your vehicle’s fuel system. The unique phosphorus based formulations provide the best possible protection in all driving conditions - including high speed motorway driving or towing, guarding against metal contact between valves and the soft valve seats - the job previously done by lead. Without such protection, engines may experience valve burning, loss of compression and engine failure.

Classic sports cars engines in particular operate at higher revs, are often driven at sustained speed, and therefore require the level of protection that Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus provide - something many other lead replacement products cannot offer. Both products carry the endorsement of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and have undergone independent screening to provide users with reassurance. "Independent research shows phosphorous offers the best engine protection, and Valvemaster™ ensures consistent performance for engines originally designed to run on leaded fuel." Valvemaster Plus contains Octimise-Plus, a friction modifier that increases acceleration and increases fuel economy. Valvemaster Plus increases acceleration by up to 3% and increases fuel economy by up to 2%. Valvemaster Plus can be used with whichever octane rated fuel your classic vehicle performs best on: 95, 97, 98, 99 or even higher octane rated petrol, both regular and E5 or E10 ethanol.

How does it work? In a typical engine, about 25% of fuel input is converted to useful work 75% of energy is wasted Friction modifiers work by reducing the mechanical losses Octimise-Plus has 2 modes of action. Fuel mixing with the lubricating oil at the piston ring and liner leads to an immediate change in the co-efficient of friction at this point. Fuel mixed with the lubricant can migrate into the sump altering the bulk lubricant properties for a long term effect. Octimise-Plus gives the following instantaneous benefits: 2% improvement in fuel economy 3% improvement in acceleration If you are unsure as to which oil type or additive you require please visit Castrol Classic Oil Finder

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