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Castrol Spheerol L/EPO Grease - Lithium semi-fluid self-levelling grease for veteran and vintage cars and motorcycles, with grease packed axles and gearboxes. Suitable for centralised lubrication systems and grease filled gearboxes. These greases provide good protection against rust and corrosion as well as resistance to water wash-out; which makes them particularly suitable for equipment where moist or wet conditions are common. They are formulated with additives that provide good film strength under medium to high loads. Advantages: - High mechanical stability – the grease keeps its consistency in service ensuring long lubricant life - Good adhesion – continuous lubrication and reduced consumption as film stays between lubricated surfaces - Good water resistance – the grease film remains on the surface even in the presence of water - Resistant to copper and steel corrosion – helps prevent rust and oxidation on metal surfaces - Excellent EP and anti-wear properties – protects equipment against extreme loading and helps minimise bearing component wear.

Castrol Red Rubber Grease - A top quality lubricating grease manufactured from best quality vegetable oil and thickened with non-soap bentonite, together with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. The grease has good mechanical stability and is compatible with natural and synthetic rubbers. It is resistant to hydrocarbons and most chemicals. Eliminates rubber swelling. It is designed for use on automotive brake assemblies, rubber components, and hydraulic components. Because of its resistance to lubricating oil it is suitable for gland packing and seals. Working temperature -40 degC to 110degC

Castrol High Temperature Grease - Extremely high melting point, lithium based grease, designed for use in anti-friction bearings operating in high temperature conditions. Ideally suited for competition wheel bearing applications. Castrol High Temperature Grease is a high performance, multipurpose lithium complex grease developed using an optimised combination of high quality mineral oil, proprietary thickener technology and a specially selected additive system enabling reliable performance across a wide range of temperatures whilst exposed to a variety of operational loads, speeds and environmental conditions. Application Castrol High Temperature Grease is intended for use in a wide range of plain and rolling element bearings within both the Automotive and Industrial markets, especially targeting those applications where upper operating temperatures are likely to exceed the limits of conventional, lithium thickened greases. The excellent thermal and mechanical stability of Castrol High Temperature Grease make it particularly suitable for use in automotive bearing applications where rotational speeds may be higher or prolonged heavy braking may generate higher than normal hub temperatures. Specific examples may include cars fitted with disc brakes or commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses. Castrol High Temperature Grease also offers good resistance to water and corrosion as well as very good load carrying performance making it suitable for general vehicle chassis lubrication or bearings on off-road construction vehicles where greater extremes of pressure may be prevalent. Advantages Excellent thermal and mechanical stability ensure prolonged product integrity across a wider operating temperature range, thus enabling extended relubrication intervals and reduced maintenance. Good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties provide the potential for prolonged component life. Good water resistance provides enhanced protection in applications where the potential for exposure and contamination are higher. Good corrosion protection. Excellent multipurpose potential enabling a reduction in product inventory.

Castrol Spheerol SX2 Grease - A calcium based extreme pressure grease, developed specifically to provide a high degree of resistance to water wash and to provide protection in wet environments. Suitable for use on wire wheel splines, exposed brake shoe pivots, handbrake mechanisms and gear linkages.

MOLYG - Castrol Moly Grease - 400g

From £0.00 (exc. VAT)

Castrol Moly Grease - High melting point, lithium based grease containing molybdenum, providing dry lubrication under extreme operating conditions. Ideally suited for the following applications; King pins and bushes, shackles and suspension trunnions, bevel worm and peg steering boxes. Castrol Moly Grease is a multipurpose grease, fortified with solid lubricant and developed for both Automotive and Industrial applications. It is based on an optimised balance of mineral base oil, lithium thickener technology and a specially selected additive system incorporating EP/anti-wear chemistry, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors. The inclusion of molybdenum disulphide enhances load carrying performance whilst reducing friction, especially in those components where reciprocating or sliding motion is prevalent. Application Castrol Moly Grease is suitable for use in a wide range of slow to medium speed bearings where shock loads or excessive vibration is likely and there is a specific requirement for the use of a grease fortified with molybdenum disulphide. The inclusion of solid lubricant with its friction reducing capability makes Castrol Moly Grease particularly suitable for applications involving reciprocation and/or sliding motion where the prevention of scuffing and fretting is desirable. The multipurpose nature of Castrol Moly Grease enables its use on both passenger car and commercial vehicle components including flexible joints pivot pins, cams, screw threads, splined shafts, slides and fifth wheels. Advantages Excellent mechanical stability ensure the structural integrity of the grease is maintained, thereby extending relubrication intervals. Good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties provide extended protection in loaded applications resulting in longer component life. The presence of molybdenum disulphide offers the benefit of reduced friction and resistance to shock loads. Enhanced component protection under boundary lubrication conditons. Good water resistance and corrosion protection afford longer surface protection in applications with the potential for a degree of water contamination. Mutipurpose capability increases the potential for reduced product inventories.

Castrol Water Pump Grease - Hard consistency grease for vane and gland type water pumps. Mostly for pre-1940 automotive applications.

Ideal for use on car door hinges. Also on runners, guide tracks and other moving parts. 500ml

Use on threaded fasteners to prevent seizing in areas exposed to high torque and temperatures. Reduces friction and wear, providing good corrosion protection. 400ml aerosol.

CAS2 - Copper Anti Seize - 500g Paste

From £0.00 (exc. VAT)

Use on threaded fasteners to prevent seizing in areas exposed to high torque and temperatures. Reduces friction and wear, providing good corrosion protection. 500g Paste.