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Do not confuse this exhaust wrap with cheap boiler lagging sold elsewhere, the boiler lagging is only good for 600°C and can absorb oil mist and catch fire! Make sure you use genuine vermiculite based wrap, suitable for up to 1260ºC (2300°F). Wrapping manifolds (headers) maintains hotter exhaust gases that exit the system faster through decreased density. Asbestos free vermiculite weave. Reduces under bonnet temperatures and protects adjacent parts from heat damage. Secure with stainless steel cable ties available on this site in a range of sizes.

Brass manifold nut 3/8" UNF

5/16" UNF Brass manifold nut

5/16" UNC Brass manifold nut

Vauxhall and Chrysler applications. 26mm thread, 16mm plain, 14mm thread

Jaguar applications. 24mm thread, 12mm plain, 11mm thread

Austin, Rover and MG applications. 18mm thread, 14mm plain, 10mm thread

Austin, Rover and MG applications. 12mm thread, 8mm plain, 12mm thread

MGB and Ford applications. 23mm thread, 9mm plain, 9mm thread

Triumph applications. 23mm thread, 11mm plain, 7mm thread

Ford applications. 26mm thread, 10mm plain, 9mm thread

EXSTRIP2 - Perforated Strip -24"

From £0.00 (exc. VAT)

Perforated Strip -24" - Ideal for exhaust fitting

EXSTRIP1 - Perforated Strip - 12"

From £0.00 (exc. VAT)

Perforated Strip - 12" - Ideal for exhaust fitting

EXBAND - Exhaust Repair Bandage

From £0.00 (exc. VAT)

Quick, clean and easy way to repair holed and cracked exhausts. Chemically bonds to exhaust - no waiting necessary. Heat from the running engine causes the resin impregnated bandage to bond to the exhaust system. Reduces noise and stops dangerous fumes.

EXPUTTY - Exhaust Repair Putty

From £0.00 (exc. VAT)

Hylomar Exhaust Repair Putty 250g Tin. Withstands 1000 degress celsius. Smooth texture for easy working. For efficient leak-proof repair.

EXPASTE - Exhaust Assembly Paste

From £0.00 (exc. VAT)

Hylomar EAP5 Exhaust Assembly Paste 140g Tube. Eases assembly of joints. Excellent lubrication properties. Ensures gas tight seal to avoid carbon monoxide leaks. Withstands 1000 degrees celcius. Vibration resistant.

60mm (2-3/8") exhaust U bolt clamp

45mm (1-3/4") heavy duty exhaust U bolt clamp

42mm (1-5/8") exhaust U bolt clamp,

35mm (1-3/8") exhaust U bolt clamp,

32mm (1-1/4") exhaust U bolt clamp,

Glass fibre heat insulation yarn for wrapping exhaust pipes etc. Nominal 6mm diameter x 10 metre long roll. Also offered in full 3kg roll (approx 100 metre length) --

Glass fibre heat insulation webbing, for wrapping around exhaust pipes etc. 50mm wide x 10 metre roll. Also offered in full 30 metre roll --

Glass fibre heat insulation webbing, for wrapping around exhaust pipes etc. 50mm wide x 10 metre roll. Also offered in full 30 metre roll --

60mm (2-3/8") exhaust U bolt clamp,

58mm (2-1/4") exhaust U bolt clamp